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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tahir Khan and Liaquat Ali are Expressing their views regarding the sit-in protest (Hazaragi)

Main Demands of Sit-in Protests At Alamdar Road, Quetta

                                                  Translation: Grant us the right to live.

Translation: We Want to live. 

Pictorial Report of the 3rd Day of Sit-in Protest At Alamdar Road, Quetta Against Recent Wave of Target Killings

For last 17 years, Hazaras have been targeted almost in every corner of Quetta and surrounding areas. In new-wave target killings, members of the police force, as well as the Christian community, were targeted besides Hazaras. There is an on-going sit-in protest on Alamadar against target killings. Below is the pictorial report from the 3rd day of the sit-in protest;