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Monday, January 10, 2011

60% state institutions in Daikundi operate in rental buildings

NEILI (NNI): About 60 percent of state institutions are operating in central Daikundi province without having buildings of their own, costing much to the country's budget, the governor said. "Officials of these departments operate from rented places, the rent of which range from 15,000 to 25, 000 afghanis per month," Qurban Ali Uruzgani said. "Twenty-two out of 37 state bodies have no buildings of their own," he said, adding the government had to pay a lot of money in rent for these buildings. Hajj and Islamic Affairs department is one of many operating in rental buildings. "The current building for which we pay 15,000 afghanis a month is not big enough to house all the staff," head of the department, Shiekh Mohammad Essa Taqadussi said. He said he had raised the problem with the ministry concerned who came up with the promise to construct a building for his department next year. Residents complain that provincial departments changed buildings with time to time, creating problems for them. "Almost every year, provincial departments change locations and you have to wander for days to find their new locations," said Mohammad Ali, a resident of Shahristan district.

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