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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taliban block Ghazni road

By Farzad Lameh

GHAZNI – Taliban militants have blocked the road between Jaghori and Qarabagh districts in eastern Ghazni Province since April 9, hindering travel in the area.

The Taliban has warned drivers to stay off the road during the blockade, Safar Ali Saqeb, a member of the Ghazni provincial council, told Central Asia Online.

Travellers now have to drive 6-7 hours, rather than the usual 2 hours, to go between the towns, a Jaghori resident said.

“We demand the government consider the blockade a very serious problem and act to reopen it as soon as possible,” said Ghazni provincial councilwoman Hamida Gulistani.

“We understand the blockade causes many problems for people, such as how to supply food for themselves and how to have access to healthcare centres,” said Provincial Deputy Governor Ali Ahmadi.

“The insurgents don’t want the road to be asphalted,” Ahmadi said. “We are working together with Afghan and coalition forces to get rid of this problem.”


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