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Sunday, February 17, 2013

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on Kirani Massacre


New York, 17 February 2013 - Statement Attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on sectarian violence in Pakistan

The Secretary-General strongly condemns the terrorist attack carried out yesterday in Quetta, Pakistan, targeting the Shi’a Hazara community which resulted in more than 80 persons killed and nearly 200 wounded, many of them women and children.
This is the second terrorist bombing in the same city and against the same community since last month. In the face of this latest attack on religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan, the Secretary-General calls for swift and determined action against those claiming responsibility and perpetrating such actions.
The Secretary-General conveys his heartfelt condolences to the families of all the victims. He reiterates the strong support of the United Nations for efforts by the Government and people of Pakistan to protect religious and ethnic minorities and to combat the scourge of terrorism.

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