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Monday, May 25, 2015

Lawlessness or Controlled Terrorism?Citizens Need Answer.

Yesterday, the banned terrorist organization AHWJ also known as LeJ, who have taken responsibility of killing thousands of Hazaras/Shias in Quetta, Pakistan in last one and half decades tweeted and boasted their meeting with security officials. It is believed that the terrorist organization enjoys security forces support and are used to create ethno-sectarian tension in Balochistan. It is noteworthy that for last one and half decades, not a single member of terrorists organizations are brought to book and thousands of families still waiting for justice. Despite being a banned organization, the terrorist organization runs madrasahs, mosques, and rallies. 

TODAY, Hazara traders were targeted in downtown Quetta and Hazara patients were targeted in hospital. 

Lawlessness or Controlled Terrorism? Citizens Need Answer. 

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