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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kabul: Meanwhile, Some Cheer 7/23's Massacre

Kabul: Some people on social media cheer and congratulate in Pashtu, the double suicide attacks on the Enlightenment Movement's protests. The protests were against the systematic discrimination against Hazaras. Despite more than one and half decades of assistance from international community, Afghan government failed to get rid of her tribal mentality.  

احمد بهزاد در مصلی مزاری در رابطه حادثه ديروز ٢ اسد

Kabul Is Mourning 2

Kabul Is Mourning

Saturday, July 23, 2016

گفتگویی با عزیز رویش

سخنان خانم ناهید فرید شامگاه ۲ اسد

’کابل میں شہریوں پر خودکش حملہ جنگی جرم ہے‘

Image copyrightREUTERSImage captionدولتِ اسلامیہ مشرقی افغانستان میں سر گرم ہے لیکن اس سے پہلے کابل میں ہونے والے کسی حملے کی ذمہ اس نے قبول نہیں کی تھی

افغانستان کے دارالحکومت کابل میں ہزارہ برادری کے احتجاج پر خودکش حملے میں 80 افراد کی ہلاکت پر ملک میں اتوار کو سوگ منایا جا رہا ہے۔

دوسری جانب اقوام متحدہ نے خودکش حملے میں عام شہریوں پر حملے کو’ جنگی جرم قرار دیا ہے۔

خودکش حملے میں کم از کم 80 ہلاکتوں کے علاوہ 230 سے زیادہ افراد زخمی ہیں

خود کو دولتِ اسلامیہ کہلانے والی شدت پسند تنظیم سے روابط والی نیوز ایجنسی اعماق کا کہنا ہے کہ دو خود کش حملہ 
آوروں نے کابل میں اہل تشیع کے احتجاج میں اپنے آپ کو اڑا دیا۔

Kabul: Enlightenment Movement Continues...

Enlightenment Movement Continues

Kabul: The Remains Of The Victims (Enlightenment Movement Protesters

The Book Cover: General International Law
Prayer Rug
Banners and Notes

Afghanistan's Over-sized Flag 

Kabul: People Stand In Queue To Donate Blood To The Victims Of The Blast In The Enlightenment Movement Protest

Kabul: People Stand In Queue To Donate Blood To The Victims Of The Blast In The Enlightenment Movement Protest

ايطو نمى مانيم

The List of Wounded in the Enlightenment Protest Explosion

Kabul: Explosions in the protest against discrimination

Voice Of Justice

Kabul explosion: Islamic State 'admits attack on Hazara protest'

Image copyrightAPImage captionThe attack targeted the Hazara minority who have often complained of discrimination

So-called Islamic State has said it was behind an attack on a protest march in the Afghan capital, Kabul, that killed at least 61 people and wounded 200.

The IS-linked Amaq news agency said two fighters "detonated explosive belts at a gathering of Shia" in Kabul.

The attack in Deh Mazang square targeted thousands from the Shia Hazara minority who were protesting over a new power line, saying its route bypasses provinces where many of them live.

The Taliban have condemned the attack.

Spokesperson Zabiullah Mujaheed sent an e-mail to the media saying they were not behind it.

A freelance journalist working for BBC Afghan said blood and body parts were everywhere, with debris strewn around.....Continue Reading...

At least 61 dead, 207 wounded in Kabul demonstration attack

At least 61 people were killed and 207 were wounded on Saturday in a suicide attack on a demonstration in Kabul claimed by Islamic State, an official from the Public Health Ministry said.

The deaths are more than double earlier estimates....Continue Reading...