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Monday, October 8, 2018

Muhammad Hussain Was Tortured to Death by Ghani's Afghan Government

The Ashraf Ghani's Afghan government forces had arrested a number of civilians during their raid on the Lal Sar-e-Jangle area where a number of people were left killed and wounded. Today, people received the body of Muhammad Hussain, who was tortured to death by Ghani's forces. 

Ali Pur Talks About The Reasons He Resists Extremists Incursions into Hazarajat

The Names of People Murdered and Wounded By Ghani's Government in Ghor Province Are Released

Ashraf Ghani's Kabul government reminded people that the efforts of the tribal monarchy is well alive and growing strong with international aid under the disguise of democracy. The list of murdered and wounded people was released by the local hospital. Among victims are included a housewife, students, workers, and children. Disruption of a peace in a most peaceful and impoverished area of Hazarajat is the continuation of the policy of intimidation and creation of difficult circumstances to force local people to migrate. 

Names of 8 murdered people that had been brought to the local hospital
Names of 19 wounded patients that had been admitted to the local hospital

Sunday, October 7, 2018

ویدیو از خانه ای که قومندان علی پور در آن تحت محاصره نیروهای نظامی "اشرف غنی" فاشیست قرار داشت.

Kabul Government Murders Civilians in Ghor Province

Ashraf Ghani's Kabul government sent commandos to Ghor in order to arrest a leader of anti-Taliban popular movement called Ali-pur. President Ghani has been known for his adaptation of racist policies of the former Afghan kings to replace and change the identity of the non-Pashtun ethnic and cultural groups. 

Ali-pur has become popular among people for providing security to people in areas of Hazarajat (central Afghanistan) where the Taliban supported militias made regular incursions and government failed to protect people's lives and property. Hazarajat is known as most peaceful part of Afghanistan where the extremist group has failed to establish a presence. While Hazarajat has left behind in developmental projects, the percentage of participation of women in education, governance and civic movements have been the highest in Afghanistan. 

The action of the Ghani's government is seen as an effort to bring the war into an area that has remained peaceful and has been crying for developmental aids. Artificial conflicts created by Afghan government make it easy for extremists groups to establish a foothold in the area. 

The pictures that surfaced from Ghani's government action in Ghor speak of crimes against children, women and the villagers who protested against the Ghani's forces.