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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Job Done Well

The Balochistan government is appreciable for arranging foolproof security during this year’s Moharram. All the processions meant to pay respect to Hazrat Imam-e-Hussein, a grandson of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) who embraced martyrdom in Karbala (Iraq) in the 7th century, passed smoothly without any untoward incident taking place in the provincial capital. Owing to the worsening state of law and order and mounting sectarian violence in Quetta,  masses as well as the officials considered this year as a major challenge to ensure a peaceful passage of this significant event.
The main Moharram processions started from Punjabi Imam Bhargah on Alamdar Road. Headed by Dawood Shah, the vice president of Balochistan Shia Conference, the main mourning procession was joined by at least 27 smaller processions which had been taken out from other Imambargahs located in various parts of the city. Passing through Thogi and Mission roads, the procession reached at Mizan Chowk where top Shia scholars delivered sermons. They paid tributes to the sacrifices of Hazrat Imam-e-Hussein.
Throughout the mourning procession, personnel from Balochistan police, Balochistan Constabulary, Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF) and the Frontier Corps (FC) provided security to the grand religious gathering. Besides the heavy deployment of security personnel, seventy-five secrete cameras were installed at host of locations to monitor the activities of terrorists who had succeeded in the past to break into the security and cause enormous loss to human lives by perpetrating terrorist activities. In addition, aerial  surveillance of the Moharram was also arranged as a part of the government security plan.
The smooth and peaceful passage of Moharram procession has delighted the government  as well as the people of the province who have taken a sigh of relief. Balochistan has recently seen an upsurge in the sectarian killings. While the Sunni and Shia members of the community, by and large,  live happily in Balochistan in an atmosphere of harmony and mutual respect, a small but organized group of Sunni militants affiliated with the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has posed a very serious threat to this concordant relationship. Repeated killings and frequent suicide bombings on such processions have plunged the entire Shia/Hazara community in a state of insecurity.
With the intensification of sectarian violence, the government has had to take extraordinary security measures which did not always prove to be painless for the masses. Several days prior to the Moharram processions, personnel from law enforcement agencies would every year conduct search operations at different hotels, check the identification documents of guests and inquire about the purpose of their stay. Likewise, shopkeepers would be strictly instructed to shut down their businesses several hours before the usual closure timing. Several roads should also get closed causing major disruption of traffic in some parts and an increase in people’s troubles while traveling to different parts of the city.
The government of Balochistan, mainly the police department and the Frontier Crops (FC) deserve to be admired for maintaining order during this year’s Moharram. Likewise, moderate religious scholars from Sunni and Shia sects, and the media must be eulogized for constantly striving to build trust, respect and cooperation among all peace loving followers of Islam. The people of Balochistan justifiably deserve and anticipate more such success stories of religious tolerance and foolproof security arrangements.

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