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Friday, April 13, 2012

Magsi vows to end target killing within Balochistan

By: Zuhaeb Nazir, Uploaded: 13th April 2012

QUETTA: Zulfiqar Magsi, Governor Balochistan, raised high concern for his province saying that he suspected a civil war to erupt if the bloodshed continued within the province as a result of target killings.

Convening a meeting with his provincial members and the Hazara democratic members, the governor, threw vast questions upon his cabinet members by blatantly expressing that there was no need for such a large cabinet when the security position within the province can not be improved.

The Governor was really stressed with the current law and order situation as he stated that Balochistan’s law enforcement officials had failed to control the security condition within the province. He further elaborated this by stating that individuals were killed on a regular basis within the province and not a single alleged person was arrested with respect to such horrendous acts.

Magsi was of the view that if the military was to be summoned to control the security condition within the province, it would create problems for the civil administration.

The Governor issued strict orders for Balochistan Home Secretary Naseebullah Bazai, instructing him to instigate an onslaught against the offenders.

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