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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quetta tragedy shakes nation

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - THE prolonged yet heart-rending sit-in by members of Hazara community in Quetta and protests across the country and in some foreign countries finally forced the Government to act in a manner that is likely to help overcome some of the problems of Balochistan. After his discussions with allies and talks with representatives of protestors, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf announced imposition of Governor’s Rule in the province and the decision served as a solace to aggrieved families.

The move is being appreciated by different circles but the fact remains that demand for the Governor’s Rule was there for about one year yet the authorities concerned did not pay any heed to the legitimate and logical demand. It is unfortunate that decision came amidst killing of over one hundred innocent souls at a time and strong protests by each and every segment of the society. The tragedy, in fact, shook the entire nation as families, relatives and members of Hazara community cried and braved harsh weather conditions to convey their injured sentiments to the people and decision-makers. Target killings including those of Hazara community had been there for quite some time but the latest incident was heart-breaking as about one hundred people became victim of the terrorist attacks. Therefore, anger of the community as well as people of Pakistan was quite understandable. It is satisfying that almost all political parties, leaders of public opinion and religious leaders representing different shades of opinion condemned the tragedywith one voice and demanded stern action to restore normalcy in Balochistan. The resilience anddetermination of families of the victims, who braved extreme cold and waited for five days to bury their dead, proved to be a turning point. However, mere imposition of the Governor’s Rule and dismissal of an inefficient, inactive and corrupt administration would not help until and unless the Governor moves firmly, with support of all law enforcing agencies including Army, to eliminate terrorists and law-breakers. There should be zero tolerance for those who take lives of other people and are engaging in acts aimed at destabilizing the province and the country. 

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