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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hazaras’ appeal for security

From the Newspaper

THE rampant menace of extremism is slowly and steadily taking over the minds and souls of every individual in society.

Some time back I happen to visit the Capital City Police office in Quetta and noticed that a board on which photographs of police martyrs were placed was in a bad condition.

Pictures, specially of those belonging to the Hazara community, were torn apart.

I asked one of the officials about the cause of the destruction. He told me that last night the photographs were torn apart by some unknown person and it is still under investigation about who could have done such a shameful act.

However, the causes are still unknown. Being a member of the Hazara community, as well as a member of the police department, I was really shocked to see this and thought that the situation has came to such a pass that they could not even bear the photographs of the martyrs being placed in a government building, let alone spare our lives.

On the other hand, the police department, which has to provide security against such extremists, has to face terrorists having such mindset.

Another tragedy recently occurred at the Central Police Office, Quetta. The name plates outside the offices of the Hazara police officers were broken by some unknown person or persons while dirt was splattered on the plates.

In such a situation, I am afraid that the noose is being tightened around our neck and we are left with no option but to live in fear not only because of extremism, but also because of people around us with whom we have everyday business.

Or should I say we have to fear our shadows as well?

This is the situation we are living in. Through these columns, I want to alert the authorities having power to eradicate this menace. I would like them to act quickly.

Otherwise, the situation will get from bad to worse.


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