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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Karmapa likens Bamiyan Buddha destruction to Berlin Wall fall

Source: The Press Trust of India Limited

Mysore - Seeking a positive perception towards demolition of Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan during the erstwhile Taliban regime, a Tibetan spiritual leader Saturday likened the incident to the fall of Berlin Wall that was followed by the unification of east and west Germany.

While many termed the Bamiyan episode as a tragedy I have a suggestion that perhaps we can look at this in a positive way.

What we saw in destruction of Bamiyan Buddha is some kind of depletion of matter... some soured substance coming down... disintegrating, said the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa (Ogyen Trinley Dorje), the second highest-ranking leader of Tibetan Buddhist.

Distinguishing between the approach towards spirituality in Islamic and Buddhism, he said spirituality revolved around ideology and there are not as many physical representation in Islam, unlike spiritual liberation practised in Buddhism.

Maybe we can look at that being more similar to falling of Berlin Wall, that had kept people apart, the Karmapa said at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference here.



  1. When one thinks....that spirituality is the practice of emptying mind then...ignorance is result...

  2. I agree with him that Muslims do not practice the moral and ethical values of humanity and its reason is that Muslims are of psychology of "aqeda" or belief in their religious teachings which in result gives more value to "ebadat" or worships and ethics and morals which are common to all humanity loses its importance and more unfortunate than this is that the Mullah is a source of this belief.