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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Protesters condemn genocide of Hazara ethnic minority

May 1 2012 2:06PM

A member of the minority Shi'ite Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) chants slogans during a demonstration against recent violence in Quetta. Picture: REUTERS/Naseer Ahmed

TNA Reporter and AFP

A protest demonstration was held in Hamburg City of Germany on April 28 to condemn the genocide of Hazara ethnic minority in Quetta city of Pakistan.

Protesters were holding banners and placards with slogans urging the international community to take action and stop a genocide-in-making. Placards read “Stop Hazara Genocide” in German language.

A stall was set for passersby to get information about the persecution of Hazaras in Quetta. Photos of the victims were on display to show how a merciless group of bloodthirsty sectarian terrorists of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi have besieged an ethnic minority of 600,000 people in Quetta, Pakistan.

Protesters allege that thousands of Hazaras have been permanently disabled by terrorist attacks. Over half a million Hazaras are terrorized on a daily basis for last 10 years.

They say no terrorist has ever been brought to justice by the Pakistani Government.

The group says the genocide of Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan, has also been ignored by the United Nations, Human Rights Organizations, and the World.

For the past decade, Hazaras in Pakistan are singled out due to their Ethnic and Religious identity, and subjected to daily targeted killings and suicide bomb blasts by the terrorist networks. The Al-Qaida affiliated terrorist networks are financed by Saudi Arabia (and other wealthy Arabs in the Gulf) and enjoys full protection of the Pakistani ISI - the powerful Army Intelligence Agency, and "friends of terrorists" in the Pakistan Assembly (Senators, National Assembly Members and high officials)

Last week, Pakistani police shot dead two people allegedly involved in sectarian violence in the troubled southwestern province of Baluchistan, officials said.

Anti-terrorists officers in the province, a flashpoint for violence between Pakistan's majority Sunni Muslims and minority Shiites, gave chase after they tried to approach the suspects in a Toyota car which sped away.

The suspects then abandoned the vehicle and tried to escape into fields under the cover of fire, provincial police chief Qazi Abdul Wahid told AFP.

"An ensuing gunbattle police killed the pair," he said, adding that the encounter took place near Quetta's suburban Akhtarabad neighbourhood which lies close to the Shiite Hazara community.

Police recovered six pistols and one hand grenade from the suspects.

"We firmly believe they are target killers who had been on some mission. They belong to some extremist group involved in sectarian violence," Wahid added.

Around 35 people have been killed in Baluchistan over the past month in what police called targeted killings by militants from the rival Muslim sects.

The minority Shiites account for around a fifth of the country's 167 million population.

Baluchistan is also rife with Islamist militancy and a regional insurgency waged by separatists who rose up in 2004 demanding political autonomy and a greater share of profits from the region's wealth of natural

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