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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Several school girls poisoned in Bamiyan province

By SADAF SHINWARI - Mon May 07, 10:05 am

Edited bySadaf Shinwari

According to local authorities in Bamiyan province several students at Shirin Hazara girls school were poisoned in this province.

Deputy provincial education department in Bamiyan province Ghulam Hussain said more than 31 students have been poisoned at Shirin Hazara girls high school at Fuladi valley.

Mr. Hussain further added the school was provided with 24 hours security and it is yet not know how the girls were poisoned despite strict security measures.

Principle of Shirin Hazara High School Hawa Jafari also confirmed the report and said more than 31 girls have been poisoned in this school.

She said, the main reason behind the incident is still unkinown adding that the health condition of the girls became worse after attended their classes.

She also said the girls have been taken to provincial hospital in Bamiyan province.

In the meantime Chief of the Bamiyan provincial hospital said preliminary reports indicate that the girls were poisoned after breathing toxicant air.

This comes several girls were poisoned during the recent years at panjab, Waras and Yakawlang districts of Bamiyan province however the main reason behind the incidents are still unknown.

Bamiyan province is one of the peaceful regions of the country where girls and boys students are attending schools without facing major security issues.

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