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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From our Hazara peoples incarcerated in SCHERGER.

Wed 05 Oct 2011
By Gerry Georgatos
Subject: stop systematic genocide of Hazaras
To: "Gerry Georgatos"
Received: Wednesday, 5 October, 2011, 12:15 PM

Unfortunatly after terrible terrorist attack at EID UL FITR (31/08/2011)in Quetta pakistan,our tears not yet become dry that another terror attack happened by cruel and ruthless terrorist at(20/092011) even seperate Hazaras passenger from others,and pull off them & shot fire on their heads & killed 29 inocent HAZARAS.
3 days after this incident,...another incide...nt happened at (23/9/2011)they killed 3 more inocent HAZARA while they were going for work.
Concequently after 11 days(yesterday) (4/10/2011)the same terrorist group killed 14 inocent HAZARAS.
If we see carefully to this these four unhumalitate incident that happened within a month,it makes transparent that we (HAZARAS)are not only facing an extemist ignorance group ever we face the agencies wich orginise and work on kiling of inocent HAZARAS.
We all HAZARA asylum sekers of Scherger IDC QLD Australia condumn this unhumalitate incidents on HAZARAS and we demand followings;
(1)Government of pakistan should immdiatley control the genocide of HAZARAS & give them protection.
(2)on the behind of this sectrian group should be recognized retilate and punished them.
(3)We kindly appeal from UN & all hummaintarian groups & all democratical countries to pressuries on the government of pakistan to control the genocide of HAZARAS & give them justice.
(4)We appeal from government of Australia and all humanitarian groups of Australia as a host country that condem terrorist attacks against inocent HAZARAS & pressurised the government of pakistan should take action against the systametic genocide of HAZARAS &protect the inocent HAZARA people.


i hope ur fine.sir scherger Hazara asylum seeker held a peacefullprotest cz of target killing of hazaras.plz send this to all world media that what is going on inocent Hazaras.

Independent Media Center Australia

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