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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monster of sectarianism... By Hassan

18 July, 2012

The monster of sectarian killings is spinning out of control in the country with every passing day. After Parachinar, DI Khan, Hangu and Gilgit, it has now gripped Karachi and Quetta. Apart from common people, a number of renowned figures have been killed on sectarian basis since last month. A few days ago, Syed Ali Imran Jaffri, Deputy General Manager of KESC, Qamar Raza Drector IB and a scholar, Maulana Amini were targeted in Karachi, while Abrar Hussain, the Asian champion in boxing and six Shia students of IT University Balochistan were killed in Quetta. Moreover, a leading poet and literary figure Professor Dr Shabih-ul-Hassan Zaidi was gunned down in Lahore.

On July 11, the Imam of Satellite Town Imambargah, Quetta, Maulana Anwar Ali and a youngster, Haseeb Abbas Zaidi were slaughtered ferociously. Claiming responsibility for the said event, the spokesperson of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) accused that the slain people were involved in the target killing of Sunni ulema and bomb blasts; hence they were presented before the Sharia Court of LeJ, where the court announced to behead them.

He further added that they were slaughtered according to Islamic injunctions. He said that on the revelations made by the slain persons other culprits would also be arrested soon and brought to justice. This ferocious event shows the extent to which the sectarian outfits have become fearless in committing their evil designs.


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