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Friday, June 29, 2012

Afghan artist Khadim Ali

Born in 1978 in Quetta (Pakistan), he lives in Sydney and Bamiyan.

His work: The Haunted Lotus, 2011–2012 (Gouache, ink, and gold leaf on wasli paper)
Ali, who trained in miniature painting, has roots in Bamiyan where the colossal sixth-century Buddha statues were destroyed by the Taliban (2001).

In the style of Indian Mughal miniatures, Ali has since 2007 worked to explore and update the Shahnamah. In his paintings, the classical hero Rustam is a horned demon, with a long beard reminiscent of those worn by Taliban fighters.

In Kassel, Ali is exhibiting four miniature paintings to explore the mythic tales of the Shahnamah by Firdausi in a contemporary context. He is also holding a seminar for children in Bamiyan, which focuses on the lost art of storytelling.

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