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Monday, January 16, 2012

We want Indian cos to invest. We will ensure security: Afghan minister

In a bid to transform Afghanistan from a war-ravaged nation to an economically prosperous one, its government is sparing no efforts to woo Indian investors. Afghan Mines Minister Wahidullah Shahrani who was in New Delhi last week spells out his expectations from India and his government’s blueprint to facilitate investments from the country to Priyadarshi Siddhanta. Excerpts:

Can you elaborate on Afghanistan’s mineral resources? How much foreign investment are you eyeing in the mining sector?

Afghanistan has a huge mineral resource base. According to global estimates, we are sitting over $ 2.5 trillion of untapped resources. We have huge copper mines at Balkhab and Aynak areas. Besides, we have substantial reserves of rich quality iron ore at Hajigak in the Bamiyan district and also virgin coal reserves. We are sure that by developing these mines, we will be able to generate much-needed employment for our people and also mobilise additional resources...Continue Reading..

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