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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Persecuted Hazaras rally for peace

At least 29 Hazara Shias have been killed and scores wounded in Quetta in the last two weeks, in the recent spate of violence against the minority community. Last week, thousands of people gathered in the capital of the Balochistan province to protest against yet another surge in sectarian violence.

The April 13 protests, organized by the Hazara Democratic Party, were called after four people were killed in two separate attacks on Iqbal Road and Abdul Sattar Road in Quetta on April 12.

Thousands of people from the Hazara ethnic minority community were chanting slogans against the local government and law enforcement agencies demanding a crackdown on terrorist groups who were targeting the 600,000 Hazaras of Quetta. Protesters also called for increased government protection for the predominantly Shia Muslim community...Continue Reading...

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