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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Target killer arrested by Young Hazara Boyzzz.

Latest update from Quetta Pakistan:

Two Hazaras were shot this morning while they were on a bike. One of them died on the spot other was severely injured and was taken to the hospital. After an operation of Pakistani Police and Frontier Corps forces with the help of Hazara Boys, they were able to capture the terrorists while terrorists were trying to escape after committing the murders.

 Just after the incident another prominent political person known as Syed Mohammad Ali among the Hazara neighborhoods of Quetta was ambushed in which he was injured. The Hazara boys have done a great job in assisting the police capture the terrorists. The boys were smart in filming the capture and taking pictures of terrorists while they were being captured. Hats off to you all. There is news that one of the terrorist vanished all of a sudden, other is in local police station of Quetta. Once again, great job Hazara brothers! you are the only hope of our people in Quetta Pakistan.

Samaa TV also reported the incident of arrests

  This is an open question to Security Agencies.... If unarmed young boys can arrest Target Killers red handed, why then security forces have failed to do so for a decade????

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